Water Cooler Parts And Additional Accessories For Fixing Your Damaged Dispenser

While bottled water coolers are said to last for many years, there is that occasional incident when the machine simply breaks down. There could be many reasons for it, depending on what parts actually failed.

You could have a faucet problem, or the filter needs replacing, or simply the filter cap is worn out. Also there are many cooler parts that you mgiht not even know that exist and you could well use them in your home to make your life easier.

Luckily most manufacturers of water coolers also have parts that go with them. Of course you're not going to buy them directly from the manufacturer, however this allows sellers such as Amazon to carry them for whenever you need them. You might be wondering what parts can these be and how easy is to replace them. Read the remaining article to learn more what can go wrong and what parts can be easily replaced.

Water cooler replacement faucet

Water cooler replacement faucet - These faucets are industry standard and they fit pretty much any water cooler. They are quite strong and long lasting and hardly break down. When you replace your regular faucet you should get one of these types because this truly enhances the safety of your home.

These replacement faucets have a dripless feature that minimizes the chance of a accidental slips and falls caused by a wet floor around your cooler. Furthermore if you have kids at home, you can buy them also with a child-safe lever. As a design feature, to better complement the decor of your kitchen or room where the cooler is placed, you can buy faucets in various colors ranging from white, black, and of course blue and red (for the child safety ones). The child safe handles called Touch Guard means that the handles should be squeezed together from both front and back while at the same time pushing down the handle. This is quite a difficult feat for a small child to do to turn on the water, so it is well advised to buy this if you have small kids around.

Water cooler cup holder

Water cooler cup holder - These are usually universal cup dispensers that fit several standard cup sizes that are less than 2.75" in diameter. Most have dual mounting abilities and moutning posts are usually included when you buy them. Luckily they are very easy to install so if your older breaks down, it will only take the time for them to reach you house and you can add them to your water cooler within minutes.

One of the really good quality cup holders is made by Thermo Concepts, a leading manufacturer of water coolers and dispensers. Some of the cup holder main features are:

- Universal cupholder that fits several regular sizes of cups that have a diameter smaller than 2.75".

- It has a dual mounting ability that allows the cups to point upwards or downwards.

- It includes mounting posts and the holes are already done.

- It loads from the bottom up very easily.

Replacement Water Filters

Replacement Water Filters - The water filters need replacing on a regular basis, so it's best you know most about them. Luckily there are so many places you can get them and there are so many types available that even if you have a bad experience with one of them, you can easily switch the brand wtih something better the next time you need to change the filter. And that time will come quite soon, as you well know, latest at every 40 gallons.

Which filter you buy is also dependent on the brand of your cooler. For example if you have a PUR machine, the PUR water filter is available pretty much everywhere to buy, including at Amazon (with usually the cheapest prices around). Or you might go for a Brita filter or a ZeroWater.

Basically each water cooler model has a few replacement filter that you can use. Some can be used even if they are not belonging to the same manufacturer, however for optimal work it is recommended that you actually use the very same brand throughout.

Water Cooler Holder

Water Cooler Holder - Also called a water cooler rack, this is more of an accessory rather than a spare part, however it is quite useful once you've seen it in action.

For other water cooler parts not specifically mentioned in this article visit Amazon to find the part you are looking for.

Depending on which size you have, the 2 gallon or the 5 gallon water cooler, you can find an adequate holder for it.

The smaller version is perfect for your trailer door. The holder are usually made of metal hollow bars, flat bars or wires. They are perfect when you need to transport your water cooler in a vehicle and you need to attach it to various parts of it easily. Depending on the model you buy it can have an extra layer of protection by having a powder coat finish.

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