The Most Common Types Of Bottled Water

If you ask anyone around what are the most common types of bottled water, they will reply with 'spring water', or 'mineral water' or 'spring and mineral water'. However much to their surprise (and maybe yours too), there are many more types of bottled water available for drinking.

First of all we need to be in clear with what exactly is bottled water. It is a drinking water that is packed either in plastic water bottles or those made of glass for ease of transportation and storage.

While in many countries tap water is also considered one of the types of water for consumption, in most advanced countries in the world this is no longer so due to the many impurities, chemicals and bacteria tap water usually contains.

This is why generally when we discuss about the various types of water we mainly refer to bottled water types, those that are safe for consumption and are purified based on the country's FDA (food and Drug) agency regulations and standards.

Types Of Bottled Water

Mineral Water

This is a water type that is infused with mineral salts and gasses, no less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids. Mineral water cannot have additional minerals added to it. In many countries, particularly western Europe mineral water is the typical water found in bottles that people buy. The water is to a degree sparkling on your tongue and it is said that it has therapeutic effects on the human body. In some countries in the world, including Romania, mineral water is actually found naturally as a stream from the mountains. The county of Covasna has many medicinal mineral water springs that are used in treating various illnesses including several heart conditions.

Spring Water

For the water to qualify as 'natural spring water', it has to be collected from an underground formation of a natural spring. Just like mineral water, spring water is considered beneficial and natural, being bottled right at the source. The main difference between mineral and spring water is the fact that the mineral water has additional minerals that are known as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which spring water doesn't have.

Types of bottled water

Purified Water

Reverse osmosis, distillation and deionization are just some of the techniques used to purify the water that can be consumed afterwards. This will effectively remove any bacteria and germs from the water, making it clean and safe to drink. A lot of bottled waters are as a matter of fact purified drinking water that has been make drinkable through one or the other water purification system.

Artesian Water

Artesian water comes from a well dug in the earth without actual pumping. Sometimes the water reaches the surface when there is a strong natural artesian pressure. This is when the well is actually called flowing artesian well.

Well Water

So if artesian water is coming from a well, then what is well water? It is also coming through a well but it is based on a hole that is bored or drilled into the ground. This taps into an aquifer so the water is pushed above the ground and collected for consumption.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is also called carbonated water, soda water, fizzy water or water with gas. While mineral water can be also sparkling, the fizzy water is actually plain, pure water that is infuzed with dissolved carbon dioxide gas to give it that fizzy feeling on the tongue. As a matter of fact dissolved carbon dioxide is also the largest component of most of the soft drinks.

Bottled Water Standards

The bottled water needs to have some standards and guidelines that allow it to be drinking water, meaning up for consumption by the people. in the US the FDA is responsible for setting these regulations that make sure the water you are drinking is pure and actually safe to drink. Most of the times the tap water has different standards from bottled water, and this is why it is in most cases not consumable.

When bottled water is produced by and purified by the bottled water industry it needs to follow various safe manufacturing practices that are also enforced by FDA, which includes sampling and analyzing the water and making sure that it is sanitary and safe for drinking. State governments will usually oversee, inspect and certify the actual sources of bottled water before being released for drinking to stores across the country.

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