Office Water Coolers - Using Office Water Dispensers At Your Workplace

Some of the main points of attraction at work is spending time at the office water coolers during the breaks. This is a great way for a bit of idle chit-chatting as well as for recharging the batteries, so to speak, for the next working round.

Breaks are always useful in the office environment, and one of the main reason for them is networking. Believe it or not, this is where many great ideas and brainstorming sessions happen and where many new products are actually brought to life.

However the office water dispenser also gives constant fresh water to keep people hydrated at all times. Many times the air conditioning is on, depending on the climate, of course, and this tends to dehydrate people who due to the dry air blowing. Fresh and cool water is necessary to keep the level of hydration to normal so people can give their best and be most productive.

Earlier on offices and also other public establishments used to have drinking fountains. However nowadays water coolers have started replacing them all over the place. It is found that a water cooler is much more hygienic and it is also more portable than the fountain.

Office water coolers

The office water coolers have several added functional items, such as the paper cup dispensers which means that there is less work involved when it comes to cleaning in the office kitchen. This frees up the time of employees to do real work for the business.

Using office water dispensers is perfect when the employees need water at all times. All they need to do is use their own water containers and keep refilling them from the dispenser when the container becomes empty. The dispensers can be used in every business type, regardless of the nature of the business. From regular offices, to doctor's waiting rooms, to factories and airport offices, there is usually enough place for a few water dispensers. This also shows that the employers care about their employees and they offer them every comfort necessary for them to do the work for which they are hired.

There are two main types of office water coolers that employees can look forward to, as each will easily accommodate the regular usage requirements: bottled water coolers and plumbed water coolers.

Bottled water coolers

The bottled water coolers are made of the actual base that contains the plastic water bottle which is placed upside down on the base. You can have the appliance as a water cooler, which simply gives cold and fresh water for drinking, or as a hot water dispenser, which offers employees both hold and cold water, depending on their needs. Using hot water directly from the dispenser saves on time from having to actually warm up the water for the coffee or tea.

The plastic bottle is regularly taken away and replaced when the bottle is empty. There are many bottled water delivery companies that are specialized in providing businesses with plastic bottled water.

The benefits of using bottled water coolers are the facts that they can be easily placed anywhere within the office and they usually don't take much space. So if you have an office with no direct access to water, or w here the tap water is not drinkable, bottled water coolers are perfect to use.

The disadvantages of using office bottled water coolers are the facts that the bottles need to be constantly replaced when empty and if the delivery is not reliable, you might be stuck without water until the bottles actually arrive (yes it happened to my workplace once as the secretary forgot to order bottles, so we had to go for 2 days down to the nearest supermarket to buy our water until the water was finally ordered and delivered).

An additional disadvantage is that both the full and the empty bottles need to be stored somewhere. And you can't just have 5 bottles for a company. Most large businesses need at least 20-30 bottles on the premises, so they really need to have one room dedicated to storing the bottles only.

Plumbed water coolers or bottleless water coolers

Plumbed water coolers are the other popular type in offices. This type basically doesn't use bottles at all, as the water comes through the plumbing. Also this means that there is never the danger of running out of fresh water in the building.

This cooler has a filter that cleans the water which passes through it so that only pure and clean water is consumed. When it comes to looks, both the bottled and bottleless water coolers look the same, except that there is no visible water bottle on the one type. There are many companies that started to use this type due to the fact that it doesn't need almost any maintenance or bottle replacement.

The benefits of the plumbed water coolers are the fact that they offer fresh and cool water at all times, without having to replace the bottle when empty. Also due to the filters used, the water is always pure without contaminants. Also bottle storage is no longer an issue here.

When it comes to the disadvantages, there are also present. The office needs to have good plumbing in place as the installation will go directly through the water mains supply. The installation also is more tedious than simply replacing the water bottles, and it initially costs much more. Plus it needs to have a water source in the vicinity. In addition, this cooler is not movable. So you can't just place it from one location to the other one as the bottled water cooler, this has a static, fixed place where will stay once it's initially installed. Finally the maintenance is about changing the filters, since they do get dirty from filtering the water from the impurities. Not changing the filter would mean that the water is in danger of becoming contaminated with dirt and impurities, which is just like drinking tap water.

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