A Mini Water Cooler That Fits Right On Your Desk

A mini water cooler is simply a smaller version of the regular bottled water cooler. It can hold between 2 and 2.5 liters of water, matching about 8 glasses of water, incidentally the amount one person should be drinking on a daily basis.

This water cooler is such a cute little appliance, it fits right on any table or desk and if you happen to take it with you to work, you'll be soon the place to be for office gossip. We all know that the water cooler is usually that very place that people stop in their breaks to catch up on stuff.

Why shouldn't you be that point of focus from now on if you so choose? You will have now a great opportunity to know all your colleagues and make good relationships and friendships in the process.

The mini water cooler is many times better and more effective than the regular bottled water cooler because it can also hold more than just water. For example, it can hold juice, fruit drinks and even wine. Particular the stainless steel water cooler is a great one to have at home. For your kids it is a great place to hold cool water, their favorite beverages, teas and juices.

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Mini Water Cooler

Also it is a great tool to have when you're off camping. Taking with you a 2 liter mini water cooler is much easier than dragging after you a 5 gallon water cooler, is it not? Also it makes one feel better knowing that any kids tagging along are drinking water from a safe place than from a source that one never knows its purity of. And what about any parties you give? This is a great place to hold all the soft drinks you need for the evening.

Another great place to have it is near your bed. If I am am thirsty in the middle of the night and I have to get up to go all the way to the kitchen to drink that glass of water, the sleep is completely leaving from my eyes. Not once upon my return to the bed I spent over half an hour to try to fall back to sleep. Now with a mini water cooler by the bedside all you need to do use a glass to pour fresh water, drink it and sleep back right away, as if you've never woken up in the first place.

As a matter of fact a friend of mine just received such a cooler for her birthday as a gift from her coworkers. It was not only a nice gesture, but a great gift as well. Did you know that the mini cooler is a super cool (pun intended) piece of equipment, almost like a home decoration to be displayed for everyone to see?

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