Installing A Water Cooler The Right Way

The bottled water cooler needs different installation procedures from the bottleless type. Read this article to learn how to install both ways the proper way, depending on which you have at home or in your office.

Before you install the bottled water cooler you need to know exactly which type you have. There are two main types today on the market: a bottom load and a top load.

The bottom load is the one whereby the bottle is pushed inside the lower cabinet or drawer of the cooler, while the top load is the more commonly seen one where the bottle is raised on top of the cooler and tipped upside down for the water to flow downwards into the machine.

Installing a bottom load water cooler

If you have a bottom load water cooler whereby the bottle is in the bottom drawer of your cooler (such as the Soleus or Black and Decker water coolers) you need to follow these tips:

  • Take out the bottled water cooler from the carton that was delivered in
  • Put the drip tray in proper position
  • Remove the plastic seal and the cap from the bottle
  • Connect the bottle and slide it with sure hands into the cooler
  • Push the bottle back into its place in the dispenser
  • Plug the electrical cord into the outlet
  • Give it about 30 minutes to have hot and cold water

Installing a top load water cooler

  • Take out the cooler from its carton
  • Place it in the location that you intend to use it in the home or office
  • Tip the bottle upside down and set it onto the water cooler gently but firmly
  • Don't remove the cap (it's usually blue) as it will be punctured during the installation process
  • Once the bottle is properly set on the cooler the punctured cap allows the water to flow freely into the dispenser

Installing a bottleless water cooler (also called a plumbed in water cooler)

Installing A Water Cooler

While the bottled water cooler is very easy to install and practically anyone can do it effortlessly, the bottleless dispenser is another story alltogether. The reason is because as it doesn't need a bottle, the water flows to the cooler from the home cold water line. Here some plumbing knowledge might be necessary, depending on how your water source is installed. Of course you need water plumbing installed already before you even think about getting yourself the bottleless cooler. However don't worry because the technician can do it quite easily and it won't cost a dime either.

However if you do want to attempt doing it on your own, here are the main steps to follow. First you need to make sure that the bottleless cooler is either in the same room or near the water source. Alternatively you will need some flexi-pipe installed that carry the water from the source to the cooler. If you've installed an ice maker on your own, this task should not be too difficult as the two are quite similar in steps.

  • Locate your closest water line (under a sink or in a ceiling)
  • Shut off the water valve and tap in the water line so in case you ever need to close off the water to the bottleless water cooler, you can do it easily from the shutoff velve
  • Use a flexible small plastic tube from the water source to your dispenser
  • Connect the tube to the water cooler
  • Plug in the cooler and enjoy the water right away (while you need to wait for the bottled water cooler approximately 30 minutes to get fresh and cool water, with this method you have cool water immediately as it takes the water from your own water source)

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A last note about bottleless water coolers. When you buy one you usually get the installation parts (an installation kit) that you can use. You will also have full installation instructions included along with the kit, so while the company can install it for you (most water cooler companies offer to do this for free), if you are a DIY person you can definitely manage it on your own.

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