Bottled Water Cooler History

We all take our bottled water coolers for granted, however have you ever thought about how these coolers actually came into existence? They haven't been always the way we know them with that nice shape and plastic bottles. The evolution of the water cooler is quite interesting and it shows how it has evolved into the indispensable home appliance it has become today.

How it all started

The initial water coolers are said to have been used back in the 1900s, being invented by Luther Haws and Halsey Taylor in 1906. This is the time when the first coler water producer was made by placing the cooler on large blocks of ice to chill the water.

From this point onwards the coolers have developed eventually into machines that were using ammonia compressors. Of course the coolers of those times were nothing like the pretty and sleek equipment you can find today. They were quite blunt and basic free standing models that simply did the job that they were supposed to do. 1938 saw the first self-contained, free standing water coolers in existence.

The modern water cooler

The 1950s started to first see the distribution of the modern water cooler, which was similar to what we know it to be today. This is when designers have started creating better versions of their prototypes. This is also when first wall mounted coolers were designed. The two initial water cooler designers, Luther Haws and Halsey Taylor started to work on better models that would be used in schools and offices, so these could also benefit from smaller and sleeker designs of water coolers.

Eventually throughout the years, the water coolers were being developed into smaller appliances that were more in line with environmental requirements and they were also more advanced in functionality. New technologies were coming out all the time with various modifications that were making these machines more user friendly. For example while the earlier versions could not be used by people with disabilities, the more modern versions were adjusted with lowering the coolers and indenting them to give space for the wheelchairs to be able to fit near the cooler. This way people who were forced to sit in wheelchairs could now also use the water coolers without restrictions or external help. Also the additional of several buttons and other components make using these cooler easy for everyone including children.

These interim years also started to see water coolers with several new designs which made them be more suitable and fitting in with various room decorations. Also businesses now could choose between several materials and shapes for coolers since the styles were plenty to choose from.

Water cooler after the 1980s

The 1980s have seen several advancements in the development of the perfect water cooler. For example the CVC refrigerants were now removed completely and replaced with the HFC-134a, which were much more environmentally friendly and health friendly as well. Also the disabled people were helped even more by having barrier-free water coolers that allowed them to fully access the cooler with extreme ease. The barrier-free water coolers have first been created in 1972 by the Haws Corporation, however they have only become well known after the ADA passing in 1990.

In the 1990s the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) was put in place to give exact details on how to design water coolers and fountains in order to be fully user friendly. This prompted designing and creating of the two level water coolers and fountains that you can see even today in various public locations.

Bottled water cooler today

Currently the use of water coolers has been extended from offices and schools to homes and any public place that has traffic from people. Everyone has recognized by now the usefulness and popularity of water coolers and this fact is also recognized by the water cooler industry. Manufacturers are constantly adjusting and improving their water coolers to add extra purification methods and increase the purity standards. Also the modern water coolers of today have heating elements to provide hot water along with cold water as well as LED spotlights that illuminate the dispensing area.

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