7 Things You Should Know About A Bottled Water Cooler

Here are 7 interesting things that are useful to know about a bottled water cooler. Keep adding to the list in the comments section at the bottom fo this article.

1. A bottled water cooler should be cleaned and sanitized every 3 months. The inner container of the cooler should be cleaned every 1-2 months. Read this article for more info on cleaning your bottled water cooler the proper way.

2. Using a water cooler is much more cost efficient than buying bottled water every day. You can get a water cooler and use hemp cups or recycled paper for an even cheaper way. This is particularly useful in offices, doctor's waiting rooms and other public places where there is a high traffic every day.

3. There actually is a difference between a bottled water cooler and a water dispenser. The cooler is also a dispenser, but the dispenser is not necessarily a cooler. Both work with standard water bottles, however the cooler is electric and cools and dispensers the water.

4. If you're not sure when it's time to repair or maintain your water cooler, here are a few warning signs to look out for: the water is tasting weird, there are blocked sprouts and the water is no longer as cold or as hot as it used to be. Also don't do what a person found in her cooler since she never bothered to clean it: "I was terrified to find small red worms were swimming in the container."

5. If you have a water cooler with hot, cold and room temperature water, it should easily qualify for the ENERGY STAR mark by consuming not more than 0.16 kWh/day. A bottled water cooler with hot and cold water only should not use more than 1.20 kWh/day.

6. Bottled water coolers are used more in corporate environments and public places, while several homeowners that have an in-house plumbing water supply system use bottleless water coolers. The bottleless coolers are more difficult to install originally, however you don't have to worry about getting bottles of water on a regular basis. On the other hand a bottled water cooler is easier to replace, maintain and install.

7. To keep your water as healthy and safe as possible, it should be used soon once it's put in the bottled water cooler. Once the water makes contact with air the safe duration in the container drops quite fast.

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