5 Gallon Water Cooler And How To Replace The Empty Bottle Without Splashing

The use of bottled water has increased quite a lot these days as people see that the bottled water is healthier than drinking water from the tap. The 5 gallon water cooler is used at home or office as this tends to hold the water longer before it needs to be replaced.

There are two main types of 5 gallon water coolers. First you have the colored ones, such as maid by Rubbermaid, Coleman, Igloo, which are quite distinctive in outlook. These are truly useful at barbeques, during practice and for every game. It usually has a secure push down top and 2 side handles that allow portability.

Then you have the regular bottled water coolers which have the replaceable regular water bottles, such as made by Primo and Haier.

To replace the 5 gallon water cooler bottle in the dispenser, there are a few things you need to do, else you will end up spilling the water all around you.

Igloo 5 Gallon Cooler

First of all, remove the empty bottle and put it aside so it can be taken away. Then with a damp cloth clean off the cooler rim to be dry. Also clean off the new water bottle to remove the dust and debris that has accumulated as the bottle most probably has been sitting for a while in a corner.

Now remove the plastic cap from the bottle by grabbing the small tab and give it a nice pull. You will notice that the bottom half will separate on a scored line which allows the lid to simply pop off with the ring. Now take the bottle neck in one hand (usually your dominant hand) and use your other hand to hold the bottle bottom with your non dominant hand.

Next start tipping the bottle slowly until the first water drops get into the cooler. When the water start flowing stronger, stand the bottle up from the bottom into the cooler. Make sure that the bottom sits evenly in the middle of the opening of the cooler.

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The reason why you need to start slowly with pouring the water into the cooler is to avoid water being splashed everywhere on the floor. Also once you filled the cooler part prior to putting the bottom tight into the cooler you ensure that the surface seals the top of the botter faster, again to avoid any water spillage.

Don't forget that the 5 gallon water cooler bottle is quite heavy so first make sure you can handle lifting it.

Watch this video for a better undertanding on how best to do it.

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