Bottled Water Cooler Buying Guide

If you're on this site it means you want to know more about water coolers as you might be thinking of buying one for your home or office. This article gives you a general overview on the various cooler types, while if you browse additional articles, you will find info on specific types, sizes, places to buy them, along with articles on tips on proper cleaning and installing, history and interesting facts about them. Enjoy your stay!

Water coolers are available in two types: bottled and bottleless. While the bottleless variant is hooked up directly to an existing water supply, the bottled water cooler needs the water delivered in large bottles from the various vendors.

The bottled water cooler is known by a few other names such as bottled water dispenser, hot water dispenser, even if some of these terminologies mean actually something else.

The water cooler is really nothing more than an insulator that keeps that water cool the whole day. You can find coolers that also moderate the temperature, allowing for the exact temperature you want your water to be. This is great if your throat is sensitive and you need an equipment that will not aggravate your throat problem.

The bottle that comes on top of the cooler is usually treated to make it as clean and pure as possible for drinking. It is simply tipped upside down and placed on the dispenser. There is a problem that will automatically puncture when the bottle goes on top of the dispenser and allows the water to start flowing in the reservoir to cool it down.

FLOJET Water Cooler

You can find the cooler in various sizes starting from table units that are used only at times to huge floor-mounted units that are heavily used in offices for example, such as the Flowjet Water cooler in the picture on the left. The bottled water is usually delivered to the household or office regularly in order to exchange the empty bottles with full ones.

Some bottled water dispensers have a cup dispenser mounted to the side of the bottles which keep plastic cups or disposable paper cups ready to be used. These are mostly installed in offices, at clinic's and places with lots of daily traffic.

There are many households who are regularly switching from drinking tap water to water cooler bottles. Particularly families with children have these coolers not only because they realize that the drinkable water needs to be as pure as possible to keep the children healthy, but also because kids enjoy playing with the cooler and hanging around the machine to get the cups coming out from the side dispenser.

This is good because drinking water regularly every day is very healthy and in many cases pushing a child to drink against their wish can be a nightmare. This will ensure that the children take the initiative to drink healthy water right away, which is a win-win situation for everybody.

In offices people love hanging out around these coolers for chit-chat and networking. Many times friendships are forged around a water cooler and many great ideas were born here as well. Also many offices that had water fountains start to replace them with a bottled water cooler as drinking from fountains tends to be a bit messy and inefficient.

There are several well known water cooler manufacturers including Oasis and Aquaverve who are known for their high quality and dispenser standards. Some of their popular brands include Fahrenheit, Celsius, Nordic, Cima and Pacific.

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Countertop Water Cooler - We have now hot and cold water available at home and office and we are able to enjoy this using a countertop water cooler. We either have one already or if not, we buy one as soon as we hear about its uses and benefits from our colleagues, friends and family.

Filtered Water Coolers - Filtered water coolers that the types of water coolers that don't need a bottle. This means that now you have clean and fresh tasting water at all times, 24 hours a day, without having to worry about the need to change the water bottles when empty, and without having to worry about running out of fresh water ever again.

Mini Water Cooler - A mini water cooler is simply a smaller version of the regular bottled water cooler. It can hold between 2 and 2.5 liters of water, matching about 8 glasses of water, incidentally the amount one person should be drinking on a daily basis.

5 Gallon Water Cooler - The 5 gallon water cooler is used at home or office as this tends to hold the water longer before it needs to be replaced.

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Cleaning Your Bottled Water Cooler - You have a bottled water cooler for equally wellness and comfort. Although these products tend to be really quick to merely leave it and forget about it, it is really not risk-free to simply keep these by themselves with no upkeep or maintanence.

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